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  • Mail:info@calcommunications.co.za
  • Welcome to Our Website

    -Cal-Communications provide a large selection of Bulk SMS,

    -MMS & 5 Digit short code services.


  • SMS Gateway

    -Send SMS & MMS via HTTP Post

    -Inbound and outbound gateways

    -Support for up to 612 character SMS

    -Free to use




  • Send SMS in minutes

    -Send SMS to any number of clients

    -Schedule messages for delivery later

    -Upload your own numbers easily

    -Free inbound number for opt ins




  • Generate Revenue

      -Run Competitions, Voting

      -Polls and raffles by SMS


Create your own SMS competitons such as A, B, C style, text raffles, voting and auctions. Generate revenue using Premium Text



Send Text Messages online from your PC to groups of people. No send limits, no contracts and free to use.



Upload pictures and video and then send them as MMS from your PC to groups of people. Free to use.



Connect your application or website to our SMS gateway and send SMS and MMS easily. Simply send as HTTP or EMAIL



Accept donations to your charity by SMS. Choose donation amounts paid to your charity.



Receive SMS via a shortcode from your TV, Radio and Press Adverts. Receive SMS as Email and generate a database of numbers.